Sushi and silence

For a 24 year old based in Joburg, who works a full time job while maintaining several friendships; often spends time with family; pays a regular visit to the gym; attends weeknight events, work functions, movie screenings and even the occasional baby party  – together with whatever else is on society’s social schedule  – there’s nothing like a Friday night in!

Today marks the date of a very important life event: the birth of my blog. The idea started to loom a few months ago and apart from the fact that there simply was no time, I simply have no idea what I’m busy with here. See, I have this brain disease which makes it very difficult for me to pursue my dreams sometimes. I like to call it the “I’m-killing-your-passion-with-questions-and-lies” disease. I’m sure you must have heard (of) it…

As I ignored the little monster in my mind and gave the blogging idea some thought, I learned a lot about myself (sadly more than what I’ve learnt about blogging) and I decided to hell with Brain Disease – I’m doing this!

So, here’s to my blog. What will it be about? Who would want to read it? Will I be able to create something that is worth people’s time? (“in a world where no one has any time”, Brain Disease adds)… Well, I guess you’ll know the answers once I do – and maybe you’ll also learn some things about yourself in the process.

I look forward to sharing my low-key adventures with you. Thanks for reading (really, I mean it)!

PS: The sushi lasted about as long as it took to take a picture #irresistible

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