The deeper our roots the higher we’ll rise

The current political climate in South Africa has everyone up in arms and soon many will be marching the streets… with their arms up (pun intended as I know too little about politics to make this post seem highly intellectual). However, since a writer always has something to say, I would like to leave you with a thought: If you tend a garden really well, you won’t be too bothered when a storm hits – for the surface may perish but the roots will remain and when the next season comes, there’s a fair chance it may blossom again.

Today, let’s remember that we walk upon this soil with a purpose: to grow as a Nation. We are all planted in the same field – why not unite our roots to form a shield? If we all take hands, we leave no room for the enemy to join the circle.

Our roots go deeper than what’s earth-bound; all struggles are seasonal after all.

#SAunites #SouthAfricaMustRise

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