Content before comfort

When living life in the fast lane, flexibility is key. You have to stretch yourself – put yourself in situations you wouldn’t normally find yourself in, knowing that they’ll grow you in some way.

I think everyone in their 20’s is experiencing a lot of growth at the moment. We’re at a stage where we feel the need to push ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally until we get to a point where we are comfortable enough to stand in any situation with confidence. I recently discovered an interesting side to the so-called comfort zone…

By the time we get there – wait for it: it’s uncomfortable! Sometimes we just stretch ourselves too much and eventually, we are chasing an idea of things we’re not even able to enjoy once we get to celebrate achieving it. And, let’s face it – stretch marks doesn’t look good on anyone!

I’m not going to give examples as I believe we’re all able to relate to this. However (in case you wondering what the point of life would be if we’re not purposefully chasing targets) I want to share what I think might be an answer: Being content.

(Ironic fact: the word “comfortable” is a synonym of “content”.)

Us millennials, we are so impatient! We need to accept whatever season we’re in. Progress is often painful, but it’s very important to remember why we’re on this journey and to focus on the joy. If the joy is gone, you may need to relook at your strategy and change your goals. Or, you just need to re-establish your focus.

When you set your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s easier to shake off those orange leaves and turn a page to where the grass is greener.

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