Company sets the climate

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see Justin Bieber perform and baby-baby-baby-oh, it’s definitely an experience worth writing about! We started off as a party of three with two bottles of Ships (a newly found and surprisingly satisfying alternative to OBS) and a bus ride to Soccer City. With temperatures dropping as low as 4⁰C, accompanied by raindrops which could easily be mistaken for snowflakes – I can say with certainty that Joburg Weather has a sense of humor. Nonetheless, we were ready as ever – nothing a furry coat and a plastic poncho couldn’t fix!

What do you mean?

After making friends with strangers, finishing our Ships and recording several Boomerang videos as an attempt to keep warm, the rest of our crowd joined us and we bravely marched towards the gate (which, little did we know, was the first of four entrances). As we approached the stadium, soaked shoes and frozen fingers, I realised the only thing one does not want to realise at a time like this: I lost my ticket! 

Where are you now that I need ya?

We ran along the way we came, my heart sinking much faster than the Ships. Already I’m imagining myself in an Uber on the way home while the whole city is jolling with Justin.

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Now, let me entertain you with this rare and almost unbelievable truth: I FOUND MY TICKET! Never in my life have I had any luck with winning, but this time, I took first prize!

Don’t you give up na na na

Back on track, the whole crowd relieved and slightly in shock, we made our way through another 3 entrances. By the time we got in, we all needed some comfort, so we stood in a 30-minute queue where we made friends with more strangers. When we finally found a dry place to sit in one of the stadium halls, we had our cold hotdogs and coffees – still in good spirits and enjoying the vibe.

Life is worth living

Eventually, the concert started and we marked a spot in General Standing where, generally, one cannot see… but we had so much fun! There was an issue with the sound and it seems the rumors might be true about Mr. B not being fully devoted to his fans – to be honest, I got the idea he doesn’t give a crap… but the boy makes good music and most importantly: he made 60 000 people come together on which could have been the coldest day ever experienced in May. Now that’s impressive.

I’ll show you

The highlight of the day was definitely the company. That’s what I love so much about Joburg people: they are flexible, which is key when you are looking to have a good time.

Can we, we keep, keep each other company?

bieber fever

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