The weight of words

If we were to count every word we speak in our entire lifetime, statistics show that it would come to an average of 860.3 million words… per person. Obviously (since I’m more into words than numbers) I just thought “oh, that’s a lot,” until I saw a comparison; I’m quoting Google: “In one lifetime, the average person speaks the equivalent of the entire text of the complete Oxford English Dictionary more than 14.5 times.” This time I went “OH! THAT IS A LOT”! And then I thought: if every word we speak carried a certain weight based on its intent, how much will 860.3 million words weigh?

We carry the weight of words spoken over us.

The power of speech is a concept known by many different cultures and religions. Over the years it has become a common habit to speak against the power of speech…

Touch wood!

Point is, no matter what cultural background you are from, which religion you practice or if you are against all beliefs and consider yourself worldly, we all know the impact words can have.

Year in and year out we are protesting against animal abuse, signing petitions to protect our human rights, planting trees, donating money to charities, cooking soup for the hungry, providing clothing to the poor and converting to vegan as to support some movement. We are great at these things – especially sharing it on Facebook so that everyone can see! Yet every day we’re given a chance to be kind in the way we speak to others… and I think this is where we fail. Hard.

I know life gets busy and times are tough and smiling takes effort, especially when your heels are killing you and you have to sit in another meeting that could have been an email and there is no such thing as a lunch break and traffic and grocery shopping and paying bills and seeing friends and family and going to the gym – LIFE! I know! But the beautiful thing I have realised is this: When you can’t be kind (because let’s face it, we’re all human and sometimes it really is impossible) just don’t be mean.

Imagine if each time a negative word was spoken over you, that person just kept quiet. Imagine how little weight we’d have to carry if all the bad words weren’t added to the 860.3 million we so easily seem to utter. And better yet, imagine how lovely we’d feel if all those bad words were replaced by nice ones.

Maybe it will be easier to live life when we speak life…


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