I used to call it spring

Each day goes by faster as the sun shies away, generously leaving a speck of gold upon the falling leafs. On this young September morning the Seattle sky is painted grey, matching the emotional state which I currently find myself in: the transitioning phase – neither pleasant nor unsatisfactory, simply different. The beauty of it all is that in our lives, change is more often than not the result of a choice (I used to hate the metaphorical term “seasons” until I realized the latter). Since relocating halfway across the world, my life turned upside down. I am forced to do maths (which I hate) to know how much I’m paying for things; I basically have to unlearn everything I know about driving and switch to doing it all the opposite way; in public I say most things twice in order to be understood and on top of all the above, I still wake up at 4:30 every morning and start my day hating my body for being so stubborn with adjusting to this time zone. Professionally I went from a schedule where a regular day included 2 hours of traffic (easy driving), 8 hours on my butt in an office, one hour at the gym and an evening/weekends surrounded by people I’ve known for years. Now, each day is different, I work with kids and no one who is my age in this city has known me for longer than a week; I have to use a GPS when I go for a run and when buying groceries (for example) I get home and find that I bought yams thinking it was sweet potato… Putting it this way must make it seem like I’m an emotional mess, however there is this: I am content with the choices I have made and I am positive that this change is the start of a significant black line on an unused white page which is about to disturb the current grey mass with a drop of perspective, a sense of clarity that will only be understood once the season is complete. It may not be spring in Seattle, but I can sense that something within me is about to bloom. This is going to be a great fall!

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