To all the single girls

Here’s to the girl with the pretty dress, contoured face and messy hair. The girl whose eyes shine like the crack of dawn and whose smile is like the sunset: entertaining whoever takes the time to look; fading into a mysterious darkness only seen by those who don’t turn away when the light starts to fade. The girl who soaks up the gaze of an entire room, speaking with the same confidence visible in her stride. The girl who is curiously exploring every flavor of life, feeding her dreams with passion and crushing her fears with pride.

Here’s to the girl who is strong, courageous and smart, who stood alone when the clock struck twelve – looking her best; feeling like ashes. I used to be that girl, but I outgrew her and turned into the girl who might, by rare occasion, lose a shoe, but always keeps her dignity. The girl who buys her own bottle of champagne in celebration of how hard she’s worked for what she’s earned. The girl who dances intimately with her shadow and laughs outrageously at her reflection. The girl who comes home to an empty bed relieved not to have to share her chocolates with anyone. The girl who spends New Years Day in pajamas trying to sing along to rap songs and eating tacos with her best friend. The girl who laughs about constantly being broke and smiles because she knows that she is not broken.

Today, I’m making a toast to all the single girls. My wish is that in this new year they will find happiness in extraordinary form, and that the first place they’ll go looking… will be within themselves.

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