Change: a natural course

It’s amazing how change happens gradually, but it’s impact is realized in an instant. One moment you inhale oxygen, the next you’re breathing dreams. The taste of happiness is pure as water from a sprout, unlike the toxic, filtered kind you used to fill up on. Thing is, the moment you stand alone while doing what only you want to do, being who only you want to be, and your smile is totally uninfluenced by anything or anyone else’s wants, needs or expectations – that’s the moment your soul is free to soar beyond what your body is capable of experiencing. That’s the moment your mind is free from the corruption that comes with being born into a fallen world. The moment your heart beats on nothing but your own blood. Change is not emotional or physical. It’s natural, and like everything in nature, it just happens. Once you let it take its course, once you willingly give in to letting it be – you won’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel any different. You’ll simply be different, because change is not bound to human senses or emotional experiences. It is wild, liberating, captivating. It’s probably the closest we’ll ever get to being free.

*This picture was taken on Vance Creek Bridge – a 106 meter high abandoned bridge – one of many breathtaking attractions in Washington. It captures one of the most incredible experiences I’ll remember as long as I live. Not seen here, however, is the moment in which I realized how stepping into the unkown changed me. No human invention can capture such a realization, so I tried to do so using words, which is what inspired me to write this piece.



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