forevernads: the person

I am a small-town girl from South Africa and I am in love with life. I used to do everything according to the book: graduated from high school, got a degree, started a career… but at the age of 25 I realized that there’s more to life and I broke free from the cycle.

I relocated to Seattle in the US for a year and I am unable to put into words how much perspective it has brought to my life. The growing pains are tough, but the rewards of personal growth outweighs every challenge. Exposed to a dynamic environment, I became addicted to the thrill of adventure and obsessed with the idea of change.

Through this blog I hope to challenge teenagers and young adults to think beyond their limits and to set their eyes on milestones that seem out of reach. In the end, dreaming big is the closest we’ll ever get to the stars.

I’d like to hear from YOU! Please share your adventures and challenges with me and let’s inspire one another to aim higher and never stop chasing our dreams!