My friends would tell you that I’m an extrovert who loves the spotlight, but that’s mainly because confidence comes easily within a comfort zone. Actually I’m pretty introverted, I think much more than I dare say out loud and I hate writing about myself, which makes it tricky as this page is obviously supposed to be about me…

So, here’s the short version: I grew up in small towns, went to university against my will and somehow loved my major (communication management). Forgot to mention that I don’t particularly like small towns so I started my adulthood in Johannesburg, a major city of South Africa, where I worked in marketing – loved it! However, my small-person-big-dreams mentality kept drawing me to a path of chasing adventure and exploring the unknown, which eventually led to taking a long overdue gap year and traveling to the USA (still pinching myself).

Now that I told you a little bit about me, I’m facing yet another obstacle: explaining what this blog is about. You’d think that a writer would find this easy but believe me, trying to summarize any creative act is a struggle for us rightbrainers! I write about things I experience, particularly the way I perceive life as a 25 year old who is forever dreaming, drinks too much coffee and believes that most bad situations can improve with a little hope.

Thanks for reading my blog! Here’s a shout out to all my fellow writers who is trying to find the courage to start a blog; let me tell you: no word is ever wasted.